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A list of everything, from the beginning. Dig those crazy shop names!

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  1. Fantastic blog, some great examples. I only wish some of them had images of what ti looks like now. Try West Norwood in se27 for some more images. Strowgers ironmongers is lovely, as is the Electric Cafe or Mr K.

    • Thanks for your nice comments. As it happens, I do have “after” shots of most things but decided to leave them out… maybe one day I’ll add them. Thanks too for the heads up on West Norwood, I do have some shots from there but not the places you mentioned, maybe a field trip is in order.

  2. Glad I found your blog! I’m currently in the process of creating 30 views of Norwich extinct and extant facades for an exhibition in 2016……..not photos tho, paintings and prints

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