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Vici MacDonald works as a writer, editor and art director for clients including Oxford University Press and The Art Newspaper. She was a founding editor of contemporary art magazine Art World, and author of Rosalie Gascoigne (Regaro, 1997), a monograph on the late Australian sculptor (1917–99), renowned for poetic assemblages of found text. In collaboration with the poet Tamar Yoseloff she founded Hercules Editions, a small independent press combining poetry and prose with art and archival material, to create beautiful small books. Their first project was Formerly, which paired Tamar’s sonnets with Vici’s photos in a tour of disappearing London. The book was exhibited at London’s Southbank Centre, and shortlisted for the 2012 Ted Hughes Award.

To contact Vici MacDonald:
vici [at] infinityland [dot] co [dot] uk

Find Vici MacDonald online:
Instagram: @ShopfrontElegy – some instas of this blog
Photo project: Burglar Alarm Britain  – where vigilante culture meets vernacular design
Hercules Editions: – poetry publisher
Book: Formerly – disappearing London in poetry, photos and route-maps

Hercules Editions books

Hercules Editions books

Art World magazine

Rosalie Gascoigne book

Formerly: a book about disappearing London

Formerly: a book about disappearing London

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  1. Hi Vici. I’ve just discovered you and am hooked!
    I do know how one can become obsessed with the look of certain things and I understand your fascination with shop fronts but I do find them quite sad. When I was at Art College I became fascinated by cat’s eyes – distorted ones really look like faces! I’ll watch your posts with interest. Sheila

  2. Vici – I’m looking for the name of the font which you use in your own logo ‘shopfrontelegy’ – I cannot track it down and used to see it everywhere in Scotland in the 1970’s – hopefully you can help! Cheers, Barry

    • The name when it was invented, in late 1940s in France, was Profil. But the only digital version is called, for some reason, Decorated 035. Not very memorable!

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