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Phoenix Snooker Club

Phoenix Snooker Club, 634 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, Borough of Waltham Forest, London E10, 2016 • Fancy buying a billiard hall? Free Profil font included. The quirky facades are part of a regeneration paint-job – it used to be much less fancy. 

Phoenix Snooker

Phoenix Snooker

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  1. Hee, you’re finally in my neighbourhood! Hope you checked out Orford Road in nearby Walthamstow ‘village’, with the terrific Frank Ison shop c1910s.

    • No, I didn’t get to Orford Rd, thanks for the tip. Have just checked it out on Street View, I shall have to make a visit. I’ve only briefly visited the area before and Walthamstow is a big place…

      • It is! Isons was still in business as a hardwear store til 2005, now it’s an office and window gallery run by a local mate of mine. L Manze (pie & mash) on W’stow High St & JCR Supplies 380 Forest Rd worth a gander too. Sorry, I’ll butt out now.

  2. No need to butt out, I love to read other people’s shop tips. So sorry I didn’t get there before 2005 when Isons was still a hardware shop, much as I like window galleries!

  3. Wish I could upload a pic… I am Paul ISON Anderson great grandson of Frank, and I have a photo of my grandma as babe in arms in doorway of Franks shop in 1908

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