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Strand Station, Kingston Show, Photos

Strand Station, Kingston Show, Photos, 171 Strand, City of Westminster, London WC2, 2003 • Despite the name this was actually Aldwych tube station, which closed for good in 1994. It’s often used for filming and events, so maybe the tatty fabric sign refers to a Kingston University art school degree show (the bottom image, taken a couple of hours earlier, does not have it). It’s nowadays more solidly gated, with the photo booth long gone.

Strand Station, Kingtson Show, Photos

Strand Station, Kingtson Show, Photos

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  1. I was one of the last team to maintain the wooden lifts on this station. Although it was not used often as a passenger station the lifts had to be kept in good condition. The rails on which the lifts moved had to be repaired by a carpenter and I assisted him. I also had to grease all the runners. The lifts were rather wonderful

    • What a great memory, thanks for sharing. I’ve learned from doing this blog that there’s actually quite a lot of interest in vintage lifts.

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