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26 Bedfordbury (Peter’s Gents Hairdressers)

26 Bedfordbury (Peter’s Gents Hairdressers), 26 Bedfordbury, City of Westminster, London WC2, 2003 • Despite the prominent address, this barber was once known as Peter’s Gents Hairdressers. Peter retired long ago and since at least the 1980s it’s been run by younger family members George, Andy and Nick (and Panos until a few years ago), with a website referring to itself as George the Barber. It’s now one of the few old independent shops left in the area and totally nameless, lacking even the Profil lettering. 

26 Bedfordbury (Peter's Gents Hairdressers)

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  1. Just adding a comment here which was sent to me by email – thanks Joe, and I have updated the blog accordingly:

    “I stumbled upon your shopfront website today as, on my way home from getting my hair cut in covent garden, I noticed the Garden Pharmacy on Long Acre had gone since last I looked. So when i got home I started googling shops in Covent Garden – and came across your wonderful site.

    I also them found on your website a picture of my barber’s – Peters in Bedfordbury, in all it’s Profil glory. Slightly inaccurate caption in that it’s been run by George, Andy and Nick (and Panos until a few years ago) since at least the late 80s when I started going there – and never was, and still isn’t trendy! I don’t think anyone called Peter has run it in living memory – Andy and George’s father used to run it, but had retired by the time I started going, probably in 1989. But is is now one of the few longstanding independent shops in Bedfordbury/New Row.

    Anyway, your website is a delight, a work of art and a fantastic historic record. I shall scour it for more gems I remember – and it’s inspired me to take my camera out and snap the few independent places left in the West End before they, like Food for Thought and The Garden Pharmacy and Interstate, to name but 3 recent victims, disappear. I just wish i could remember the name of, and had photographed, the handmade leather bag shop in Neal Street where in the 80s and 90s people like me queued up to buy a bag and be insulted by the grumpy old guy who made the bags!


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