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Parkers, 13 Oxford Street, Whitstable, Kent, 2002 None of those namby-pamby filter tips for the salty seadogs of Folkestone. The gallery next door shows which way the wind was blowing; Parkers, which I think used to be a confectioner or small grocer, is now a craft jewellery gallery (and they don’t dispay their wares in a cigarette machine).




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  1. Whitstable has some fantastic shop fronts. Probably some of the best in the country. I prefer your version above, but the great thing is the new one still has the cigarette machine. If only more shops left the onion layers of history intact like this one.

  2. How does Tony Benn fit into all this then, I hear you ask*? That elegant chromed cigarette machine was made in Bristol, by a company called BDR. They were so well made, they can be seen in a few places, despite any maintenance for 40 or 50 years, virtually intact. By no coincidence whatsoever, here is one some clever soul has reused as a cabinet on a narrow boat – . Sadly, the factory that made the machines was taken over by a bigger concern, who had ‘forgotten’ about the challenges of decimalisation (despite the fact that old one and two shilling coins, the mainstay of vending, continued in circulation as decimal equivalents until 1990 and 1993 respectively.
    BDR did actually continue to exist in a small way until relatively recently, now just making parts for urban tram systems!

    * Mr Benn adds his approval to this statement to the house –

  3. It’s currently mine, but I don’t live on it any more and it needs to be sold, which is a shame but we don’t use it enough and can’t justify having it. You wouldn’t need to win the lottery as such, its definitely going to be priced for less than a 1 bed flat around here and probably less than a garage in London!

  4. I can barely look at these pictures, it’s so strange how the old is being quickly replaced with the new, as if it never were ?

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