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Andrews, N. Kay’s

Andrews, N. Kay’s, 128a & 128 South Ealing Road, Borough of Ealing, London W5, 2014 Back from Hull to London, and a chance to try out my super-duper new camera on an old-school shop duo. This shot may not look like much, but it was actually taken at night. The miracles of modern technology!

Andrews, N. Kay's

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    • I’ve had a lot of hassle photographing shops in my time, so I only like small “amateur-looking” cameras with articulated screens, that I can shoot unobtrusively from waist level. Also, as you’ll notice from all the closed shutters (which I quite like), I tend to shoot early or late in the day, ie in low light, as there are usually cars / people blocking the view in daytime. This has led me to “advanced amateur” prosumer models, which while decent, aren’t that exciting in image quality. But now I’ve bought a Sony Nex 6, which is a small interchangeable lens camera with a massive sensor like in a D-SLR camera. It’s just about to be superseded by a newer model, so I got a bargain. Absolutely fantastic piece of kit, the image quality is way ahead of any camera I’ve used since I ditched my film SLR in 2002. Recommended!

  1. Nice pic indeed, I’ve got one of the (first) Sony Alphas which is nothing special but unusual as its actually a rebadged (last ever) Konica D-SLR, it did get some great snaps of a 2 week Highlands trip but possibly from all the hiking and mixture of wild camping / B+Bs, the card corrupted at some point and I lost about 100 pics, all the best ones of course 🙂 Since I bought it the price of memory cards has plummeted so less of an issue now.

    At least a lot of shops now seen to going for the cheaper, internal shutters, that look a lot nicer at night. Plus, you managed to snap a man on his way to an Ali G lookalike competition!

    • Ha ha, he does! Bummer about the corrupted card, that only happened to me once, but it deleted some photos with massive sentimental value. But the same thing could easily happen with film, of course. Seems to be quite a fan base for Sony Alphas, the upcoming Sony a6000 (actually a rebranded Nex) looks brilliant. However I shall stick with what I’ve got now, I only point and shoot really.

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