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M Yman Ho Repair (ex-Suleyman Shoe Repair)

M Yman Ho Repair (ex- Suleyman Shoe repair shop), 162 Chatsworth Road, Borough of Hackney, London E5, 2011 Looks like an art installation but it’s the real deal – apparently the premises was a shoemakers for 100 years. There’s an amazing video of the last proprietor Kemal Süleyman working in his 1967-founded time-capsule by Nev Brook (@NevBrook) here. I think the premises has now been redeveloped – there’s a website about the this rapidly-gentrifying street (@ILoveChatsRoad) here

M Yman Ho Repair

M Yman Ho Repair

M Yman Ho Repair

M Yman Ho Repair

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  1. The shoe shop used to be owned by my father it’s been a shoe shop for over 130 years my father bought the shoe shop back in 1967 and he had the shop until 2012 that 48 years he bought off a old man who had it given to him by his father but as he had no children to past it over to. He sold the property to my father he told my father that it had been a family business for four generations before him

  2. The ex- owner of the shop is my Uncle. My sisters and I were regular visitors to his shop throughput our childhood. We spent many a weekend under foot playing with our cousins Halil and Zeren .He never told us off, our cousins were not so lucky. The shop does look chaotic but I have no doubt that he could find anything he needed without much effort. Uncle Kemal worked extremely hard to provide the best service for his customers until the very end.

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