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Dilnot’s Bakers & Confectioners

Dilnot’s Bakers & Confectioners, 77 High Street, Whitstable, Kent, 2002 • This looks like it should be a permanent fixture, but became a jewellers. What looks like an ex-Hovis sign, top left, was actually a bracket for a Christmas tree, according to the comment from a Dilnot descendant below. And if you want to see a 1970s Dilnot’s carrier bag, there’s a photo of one here (you have to scroll to the bottom of the page).

Dilnot's Bakers & Confectioners

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  1. On the Dilnot’s shopfront you say, ‘note the ex Hovis sign top left’? I can see a bracket that’s all? I’m Cecil Dilnot’s Grandson hence the interest.

  2. The bracket was to hold the Christmas tree. Geoff Dailey – my mum was a Dilnot and we lived above and behind the shop from the 1940’s to the the mid 60’s

    • Hi, great to hear from a Dilnot, it looks like it was such a wonderful traditional bakers. I’ll update the blog to include your comment. If you have any info about Dilnot’s – like who started it, or when, or why it closed – I’d love to know. All I could find out via the internet was that it was started by two brothers, one of whom later went to Canada, the other to Scotland. And there’s an amazing pic of an old Dilnot’s carrier bag from one of the Canadian descendants here

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